Bad Advice About Fluoride from ACOG

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says it is a "High-Risk Factor" if a woman lives in an area with "Inadequate Water Fluoridation." Therefore, ACOG advises women to take fluoride supplements.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention disagrees with ACOG:

Based on the highest quality of criteria, there is "good evidence to reject the use of fluoride supplements for pregnant women," because there is "no benefit for their children." Furthermore, "No published studies confirm the effectiveness of fluoride supplements in controlling dental caries among persons aged >16 years." – CDC

Even the Australian Dental Association said:
"Fluoride supplements should not be taken during a pregnancy."

Worse: Fluoride Supplements Are Unapproved Drugs, Sold Without FDA Approval

The Preeclampsia Foundation recognizes the problem:
"For far too long, women have had a deficit of information about how the medications they need for other underlying health conditions can affect preeclampsia and their pregnancies... We need to take the next step forward in ensuring safe prescription drug use in pregnancy." – Executive Director

The Preeclampsia Foundation, however,
is ignoring placental fluorosis as a risk factor for preeclampsia.

On the Plus Side
ACOG knows that "reducing exposure to toxic environmental agents is a critical area of intervention" for reproductive health care professionals:

"Robust scientific evidence has emerged over the past 15 years, demonstrating that preconception and prenatal exposure to toxic environmental agents can have a profound and lasting effect on reproductive health across the life course...

"Chemicals in pregnant women can cross the placenta, and in some cases, such as with methyl mercury,* can accumulate in the fetus, resulting in higher fetal exposure than maternal exposure...

"As underscored by a groundbreaking 2009 report by the National Academy of Sciences, the effects of low-dose exposure to an environmental contaminant may be quite different based on vulnerabilities."** – ACOG Committee on Health Care for Underserved Women

*Like methyl mercury: fluoride accumulates in the placenta, and fetal fluoride levels can be higher than maternal ones. Fluoride also accumulates in the amniotic fluid swallowed by fetuses.

**"Toxic substances have the capacity to disrupt the development of all of the body's organ systems. The nature and severity of that disruption depend upon the type of substance, the level and duration of exposure, and most important, on the timing during the developmental process." – National Scientific Council on the Developing Child

The EPA's Neurotoxicology Division has "substantial evidence" that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxicant – in the same category with methyl mercury.

ACOG already warns pregnant women to avoid consuming two other "Toxic Environmental Agents," the EPA says are developmental neurotoxicants.

Research shows that the use of fluoride supplements (1.5 mg/day)
during pregnancy doubles fetal blood concentrations of fluoride

Other High-Risk Factors identified by ACOG include:
Breast cancer • Colorectal cancer • Osteoporosis • Diabetes

To include "Inadequate Water Fluoridation" with these serious diseases is ridiculous and raises doubt about other advice dispensed by ACOG – especially when CDC data reveal that breast cancer and colorectal cancer rates are about 6% higher in the most fluoridated states.

Adverse Effects of Bad Advice
Even though the March of Dimes is dedicated to ending premature birth, when its Chief Medical Officer dismissed evidence that fluoride is a risk factor for premature birth, he deferred to ACOG:

March of Dimes

As for the "evidence based practices" of the CDC and FDA,
see the Irrational Science of Swallowing Fluoride.

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a blatant suppression of data with regard to fetal fluoride exposure

Pregnancy and Fluoride Do Not Mix

John D. MacArthur's new book explores the biological connections between fluoride and adverse pregnancy outcomes. He presents diverse and well-documented scientific evidence for how fluoride can harm mother and child. It includes his three in-depth reports published in the Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine – providing compelling reasons for women of child-bearing age to strictly avoid consumption of fluoride in tap water, as well in beverages made in fluoridated cities.

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