Pregnancy and Fluoridated Water Do Not Mix

When you Drink Fluoridated Water, So Does Your Baby

The EPA's Neurotoxicology Division has found substantial evidence that
fluoride is "toxic to the developing mammalian nervous system" –
like lead, nicotine, ethanol (alcohol), and many other
"developmental neurotoxicants" (list below).

Just Like With Alcohol:

New Zealand government brochure: When you Drink Alcohol, So Does Your Baby When you are pregnant, every time you drink fluoridated water (tap water or ready-to-drink beverages made with fluoridated water), your baby is drinking the fluoridated water too.

About 60% of the fluoride in your bloodstream is carried through the placenta to your baby.

Not all babies are affected the same way by fluoride, so cutting out fluoride altogether avoids any possible harm.

Your baby's brain development can be affected by drinking fluoridated water at any stage of pregnancy.

The best advice is to stop drinking fluoridated water if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.

Think ahead. If there is a chance you could be pregnant or you want to get pregnant, try not to drink any fluoridated water – to give your baby the best possible start.

It is never too late to stop drinking fluoridated water during pregnancy.

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